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Europe and Eurasia Aerosols Campaign

GLOBE students across the Europe and Eurasia Region have been focused on atmosphere since the Aerosols Campaign started in mid-September. Aerosols are tiny particles suspended in the air. They influence the air quality on both a local and global scale. Aerosol air pollution comes from natural as well as human sources and it is hazardous for human health, causing, for example, respiratory problems. GLOBE students will help scientists to monitor aerosols in the proximity of their school.

The campaign was created and shaped by several active country coordinators and scientists during the Annual Regional Meeting in Estonia in April this year.

Schools can join in two observation periods:

  • the pilot phase from 16 September -- 14 October 2013; and

  • the second phase from 9 March  -- 9 May 2014.

The campaign is being guided by leading scientist Elise Hendriks from Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, who will assist with analyzing the results of the observation periods.

The aim of the campaign is to raise the awareness about aerosols, their occurrence, origin and impacts. It is also a unique opportunity for GLOBE schools to start collaboration with an aerosol scientist in their country. To attract more scientists to this GLOBE topic the campaign was recently presented on the 2013 International Aerosols Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

And what to do if the sky is cloudy and it is not possible to measure aerosols with a sunphotometer? You can still learn about air and aerosols and have fun, with hands-on activities created for you.

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