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Teachers: Make a Video for GLOBE Earth Day!

Earth Day occurs every year on 22 April and is an important day for GLOBE. Our program officially began on 22 April 1995. Earth Day 2017 is our 22nd Anniversary!

The GLOBE Implementation Office will celebrate Earth Day 2017 on Friday 21 April with a special Google Hangout that will feature one video from each GLOBE region.

GLOBE teachers, we invite you to submit a short 2 - 3 minute video in which you show how GLOBE is implemented in your classroom. Invite your students to express, in a few words, how GLOBE has influenced their awareness of their environment and their interest in Earth Science. They can also mention their particular interests or GLOBE research projects. Be creative! Tell your story as you like!

Video Guidelines:

  • Videos should be no more than 3 minutes in length.
  • Videos can be made in English or in your home language ... use the language in which you are most comfortable. 
  • Post your video on YouTube or any other video server.

(By sharing your video you give consent to have your video publicly viewed through media sources and materials used by The GLOBE Program, now and in the future.)

Create an English transcript of the spoken words, if your video is not in English.

Use time stamps, like this:
00:00 - 1:35 = "Here we are in Zagreb, Croatia at the ---School.”
01:35 - 1:40 = "We love doing GLOBE because..."

The GIO will use your transcript, with the time stamps, to add English subtitles to all videos shown at the Earth Day online event.

Send to your Regional Coordination Office no later than 22 March 2017. Include:

  • Your name, country and school;
  • The link to your video on YouTube (or other online location); and
  • The English transcript.

Here are the email addresses for the Regional Coordination Offices: 

  • Africa:
  • Asia and Pacific:
  • Europe and Eurasia:
  • Latin America and Caribbean:
  • New East and North Africa :
  • North America:

The Regional Offices will select one video to represent its region and send it to the GLOBE Implementation Office for broadcast on 21 April.

Thank you for all you do for GLOBE. We look forward to seeing your video!

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