About the School

During Fall Semester 2013 student enrolled in SCC's Environmental Measurements class engaged in the process of summarizing Stone Child Colege's Atmospheric data.  They focused on the temperature data collected for the time period 2002-present. They did monthly averages offor the Maximum, minimum and the solar noon temperatures

Organization Info

Organization Information

Stone Child College (USMTGCZ3)
Box 1082 RR 1
Box Elder Montana
United States
Phone: N/A
Email: N/A
Website: N/A

GLOBE Information

Year Joined: N/A
Latitude: 48.2903
Longitude: -109.8695
Elevation (meters): 1069.8

School Information

Grade Levels: Primary: K-6, Secondary: 7-12, Higher Ed: 13+
School Type: N/A
Student Count:  25