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Suriname is located in the region known as Amazonia and is more particular part of the Guayana Shield. The Guayana Shield underlies all of northeastern South America and covers a broad area between the Atlantic Ocean and the Orinoco and Amazon rivers. It is shared between Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname and Venezuela. This shield is one of the oldest – Proterozoic which dates it at 3.6 and 0.8 billion years ago – and most stable geologic formations in the world. Suriname is covered in lush, pristine rainforests, 94% of the territory is still forested, which makes it the greenest country in the world. We have some ancient crystalline uplands consisting of weathered and ancient rock basement. And in the south we find what is known as the Guyanan savannas. The indigenous name Guyanas is said to mean land of many streams, and this is where we conduct our research. In the Suriname River Estuary, where in addition to the Guiana Dolphin we see a number of other amazing species in this beautiful estuarine ecosystem, including homo sapiens. 

Teachers: Make a Video for GLOBE Earth Day!
The GLOBE Implementation Office will celebrate Earth Day 2017 on Friday 21 April with a special Google Hangout that will feature one video from each GLOBE region. Enter your video to be the one from your region!  >>

Registration for the 21st GLOBE Annual Meeting is Now Open
We hope you will join us for our largest GLOBE gathering of the year in New Haven, Connecticut. Mark your calendars now for 30 July - 4 August 2017!  >>

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Accepting Pre-proposals for Hollings Grants Program
The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF) is accepting pre-proposals for its 2015 Hollings Grants program. Pre-proposals are due 22 October 2015.  >>

NASA SMAP Campaign for GLOBE Students Begins Today
In support of the Soild Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite mission, NASA has initiated a 7-month-long soil moisture measurement campaign, from 1 October 2015 through 30 April 2016, and invites GLOBE schools to participate.  >>

Website Alert – GLOBE Website will be "Read Only" 3–5 October
Plan accordingly as you will not be able to log in to the GLOBE website during this time frame.  >>


GLOBE Hosts New Data Entry Challenge 11-17 October
GLOBE is hosting a new data entry challenge from 11-17 October 2015!  >>

Soil Moisture Measurement Campaign
To support the SMAP satellite mission, NASA has initiated a 7-month-long Soil Moisture Measurement Campaign and invites GLOBE schools to participate. The SMAP Campaign begins 1 October 2015 and will be ongoing through 30 April 2016.  >>

2015 Kilimanjaro Learning Xpedition
Since 2009, an international team of GLOBE scientists, teachers and students have been trekking to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to evaluate the evolving ecosystem of the largest freestanding mountain in the world.  >>

19th Annual GLOBE Partner Meeting
The 19th GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting will be held in Los Angeles, California, USA. Reserve the dates: 20-24 July 2015.  >>

Working Groups Meeting
GLOBE Working Groups in Science, Education, Evaluation, Technology will meet prior to the 19th GLOBE Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, on 19 July 2015.  >>

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