Guiding Investigative Questions for Data Collection and Research

As you take tree height and other measurements as part of the campaign, we would like to offer several questions that you might like to answer. These Guiding Investigative Questions can help you with the "Why am I collecting this data and what does my data mean. These Guiding Investigative Questions are meant to help students explore the data they collect in order to assist in the crafting of research questions used to develop student research projects.

•Where are trees growing and why are they there?
•What can measuring tree height tell us about our local ecosystem?
•What is the relationship between tree height and land cover?
•What are the tools for measuring trees and the errors between them?
•What kinds of trees are growing in my location?
•Are the trees in my area native or invasive? What are the barriers for comparing GLOBE tree height data to the
 ICESat-2 tree height data?
•What is the distribution of tree height measurements from around the world each month?
•What are the errors measuring tree heights using hand-held clinometers versus using the NASA GLOBE Observer 
 Trees Tool?
•How much water do the trees in my area require per month?