About the School

2020 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

The effect of adding sodium polyacrylate in the soil on the growth of the (barley, rose and onion) plant in Buraimi Governorate

The effect of household washing water wastes on plant growth in Wadi Al-Jizzi in Al-Buraimi Governorate

2019 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

Assessment of Drinking Water Quality of water dispensers distributed to the classrooms of Um Thar al-Ghafari school

Effect of rainwater on the characteristics of the groundwater in Al-Buraimi Governorate


Organization Information

Um thar alghfari basic school

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GLOBE Information

Year Joined: 2017
Latitude: 24.206442
Longitude: 56.241844
Elevation (meters): 

School Information

Grade Levels: Secondary: 7-12
School Type: Public
Student Count:  25