Bundling Protocols

I am hearing more and more conversations center around "bundling," particularly when it comes to NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). Sometimes, in my GLOBE world, it is a conversation around bundling the protocols together. I know that some teachers already do this when they take students outside for field investigations. In my email clean-out, I found this little gem that I thought I'd share.

In 2012, the GLOBE Annual Meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota included two investigation questions for fieldwork. To answer the questions, the participants used several protocols to collect and analyze data. What do you think of these investigation questions and lists? Would you add other protocols? Do you see yourself using this model in your classroom? Do you already do something similar? Do you bundle?

Question 1: A change in the weather pattern can result in a change in other areas of the environment.  If one of these parameters changes, what does that mean for the others?

Focus on the following protocols:

Max/Min/Current Temperature
Soil & air temperature (digital max/min thermo)
Surface temperature
Green up/green down
Water pH
Soil Fertility

Question 2: Land cover changes occur over time and can be accelerated by various factors.  How do we detect and monitor this change?

Focus on the following protocols:

Land Cover Change Detection
Manual Land Cover Mapping
Soil Characterization
Soil Fertility

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