Mapping Data with GIS Online

We are very fortunate to have a collaborative relationship with Dr. Joseph Kerski, the Education Manager from Esri. To advance our work together, he produced a couple short webinars on using GLOBE data in ArcGIS Online and wrote a blog about it too.

His presentation "Collecting, Analyzing and Mapping Field Data" can also be found online here. To find out how you can use ArcGIS (at no cost to your school), Esri is a wealth of information. You can start here:

Don't forget to check out the Dr. Kerski's blog post and other videos for ideas!

Have you thought about incorporating GLOBE data into your classroom through mapping? Do you already do this? Please share your ideas and thoughts in the comments.

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I use this all the time with preservice teachers, inservice teachers and with students. The option of adding other layers to GLOBE data is an incredible opportunity!!
We use this too at the University of Toledo. ArcGIS Online is making mapping much easier than it has been. It is a great way to map and analyze your students' data along with schools' data from around you.