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U.S. Weekly Watercooler: GOES-R/GeoXO (4:10 pm ET)
Join Dr. Andrew Heidinger from NOAA/NESDIS from NASA's GOES-R/GeoXO Programs to learn more about the resources GOES can offer to GLOBE participants, including GOES Image Viewer and other tools.  >>

05/21/2024 - 05/24/2024
North America Regional Meeting 2024: South Dakota
This meeting, titled "Decolonizing STEM" aims to help build a GLOBE collaboration of those who work in and with Indigenous communities. This is a field-based meeting, with attendees spending several days in the park's unceded treaty land learning from each other and Indigenous guest speakers.  >>

04/25/2024 - 04/26/2024
North America Regional Meeting 2024: Ohio
This meeting will include protocol training opportunities and visits to an outdoor classroom, water treatment plant and local river in Defiance, Ohio, USA.  >>

U.S. Weekly Watercooler: My NASA Data and Data Literacy Cubes (4:10 pm ET)
Learn how the Data Literacy Cubes from My NASA Data have been incorporated into the GLOBE Earth System Poster Guide activities. My NASA Data has created six lesson plans for the activities using the Data Literacy Cubes and updated images.  >>

U.S. Weekly Watercooler: Train the trainer (4:10 pm ET)
Are you thinking about leading a GLOBE workshop that provides GLOBE Trainer Candidates an opportunity to lead protocols and be observed? This Watercooler will offer you  pre-, during, and post-workshop guidance from veteran GLOBE Mentor Trainers Tracy Ostrom and Jodi Haney, who have led workshops to accomplish just that. Join us for an engaging conversation.  >>

U.S. Weekly Watercooler: Dirty Snow (7:00 pm ET)
Former NASA intern Kaila Banister will demonstrate how to measure, collect and filter snow using GLOBE protocols and share how to become a NASA intern. This event is for educators, students, Partners and community members!  >>

03/20/2024 - 03/23/2024
Join the GIO Education Team at the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) Conference in Denver, CO, from 20-23 March
Stop by the UCAR or NASA booths to connect with others in the GLOBE education community!  >>

U.S. Weekly Watercooler: Eclipse (4:10 pm ET)
Join Kristen Weaver, NASA Goddard, to learn how to observe and report on atmospheric changes during the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 using GLOBE Eclipse, a temporary tool in the GLOBE Observer app. We’ll explain how the tool works and the types of data you can collect, as well as supplemental resources and materials available to support events during the upcoming eclipse.  >>

03/05/2024 - 03/06/2024
North America Regional Meeting 2024: New Jersey
This meeting will include Earth observation training, as well as an opportunity to build and keep a satellite antenna.  >>

U.S. Weekly Watercooler: SRS (4:10 pm ET)
Join Christopher Sherman, NASA ASTRO CAMP Community Partners, to learn about the 2024 U.S. GLOBE Student Research Symposia (SRS). Christopher will share what to expect at an SRS, his experience attending the SRS with students, and how to attend the 2024 SRS. This year, Christopher is hosting the Southeast SRS in partnership with the INFINITY Science Center.   >>