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GLOBE Distinguished Educator Fellowship

GLOBE is inviting applications for the new Distinguished Educator Fellowship. Two Fellowships will be awarded to teachers who, working in partnership with a GLOBE scientist, propose a learning activity for the GLOBE community. For example:

  • Updating an existing learning activity making use of the GLOBE database and updated visualization tool;
  • Compiling a suite of activities consisting of existing GLOBE protocols and learning activities to create a curriculum bundle; relevant materials not currently curated into GLOBE may be used to supplement in the creation of the bundle. For example, see the teaching boxes created by GLOBE Partner UCAR Center for Science Education;
  • Creating a new learning activity related to a current Earth-observing satellite(s) or an upcoming Earth-observing satellite launch;
  • Creating a new learning activity related to a GLOBE investigation area/sphere.


Use your expertise to develop new educational resources that can benefit the whole community. 

For details about the expected teacher/ scientist teamwork to be involved, how to team with a scientist if you are not currently doing so, eligibility requirements, and how your proposal will be reviewed, visit the GLOBE Distinguished Educator Fellowship website.  

Each fellowship recipient (teacher and scientist) will receive a stipend of $650 USD upon completion of the fellowship.  Deadline for applications is 15 December 2014.

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