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The GLOBE Program wins Liferay Pulse Award for Website of the Year

The GLOBE Program was recently awarded the Liferay Pulse Award for Website of the Year. Liferay Pulse Awards recognize the people and companies behind the innovative and creative solutions built using Liferay Portal.

The Liferay Pulse awards were first announced at the Liferay Symposium North America in San Francisco, California on Oct. 21, 2013. With four categories including Best in Design and User Interface, Best Mobile Experience, Multiple Platform Integration and Website of the Year, the Pulse Awards for customers spanned the wide breadth and scalability of the portal and its implementations.

Funded by NASA, the new GLOBE website Liferay portal debuted in July 2012 and is the product of the team at Raytheon Web Solutions (RSW) with collaboration by the GLOBE Program Office (GPO) technical team. The Data Information Systems (DIS) Team, GPO staff and the GLOBE Community should all be recognized for their significant contributions.

Winning the Liferay Pulse Award for Website of the Year Award has been cause for celebration. "Both technical teams at Raytheon Web Solutions, and the GLOBE Program Office should be proud of the many boundaries they pushed, and creative solutions they produced, while developing and creating the website portal and the applications that make this all possible," said Jonathan Lang, GPO Technology Manager.

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office