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Earth Team Interns as GLOBE Field Scientists

Earth Team is a non-profit environmental education organization. Earth Team empowers urban youth to become lifelong environmental stewards through experiential education, skills development, and the building of community connections.

Interns from Anitoch HS (Antioch, CA) use a transparency tube to measure water clarity.
Interns from Anitoch HS (Antioch, CA)
use a transparency tube to
measure water clarity.

Earth Team has a long-standing approach to environmental awareness and action through its Sustainable Youth Program. This program takes a long-term approach to environmental education by working with individual core schools to offer a variety of projects – from short-term class visits to year-long after school internships – all with a multi-year approach that caters to the unique needs of students and their respective schools. Through a grant from the National Science Foundation in 2017, Earth Team has made a purposeful connection to GLOBE. Interns at three of Earth Team’s Sustainable Youth Program schools (Skyline HS, Antioch HS and Pinole Valley HS) engage in STEM learning through the incorporation of GLOBE protocols.  Interns in these programs conduct field research related to their driving question and prepare posters to present at the Pacific Region's Student Research Symposium (SRS). Since the in-person SRS was cancelled this year, the interns presented their work to community stakeholders and field scientists. This year research projects focused on local watershed water quality, algae blooms in urban lakes and soil quality for urban gardens.

Skyline High School (Oakland, CA) Interns 2019-2020

(Above) Skyline High School (Oakland, CA) Interns 2019-2020 on a field event to collect water quality data. Throughout the year, the interns worked to restore local habitats, test soil and water quality, and educate their communities about waste and other environmental issues. Interns also learned more about themselves and the careers they may want to pursue in college by listening to guest speakers and touring local STEM facilities. Many interns also found a deeper connection with nature by going on a hike or participating in an Outdoor Adventure trip.


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