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Fall-Winter Partnership Regional Updates from Tennessee, Hawaii and Louisiana

GLOBE Partner David PadgettGIS Day 2018 Interactive GLOBE Data Mapping Activity 

Pre-service teachers at Tennessee State University (GLOBE coordinator, David Padgett) led a Stratford STEM Magnet High School 9th grade class in an outdoor GLOBE Atmosphere Protocol data collection exercise. The TSU students then converted the GLOBE data into map format using ArcGIS Online. On GIS Day, the TSU students participated with the 9th grade class in a live, interactive discussion of the GIS mapping process. See more here


GLOBE Partner Ethan AllenPacific Resources for Education and Learning Partnership

Aloha from Hawaii. Pre-service teachers in Honolulu are getting themselves set for implementing GLOBE in their classrooms. Cailla Fabro was trained in Land Cover Classification, Sri Mulyati was trained in Water Temperature, Keaka Rodrigue was trained in Salinity (including Titration), and Merrill Ranken was trained in Clouds. These individuals are students in Katrina Roseler’s, Ph.D., School of Education Elementary Science Methods course at Chaminade University. Other students in the course have also completed GLOBE modules as part of this course. Students are asked to familiarize themselves with an individual protocol as part of an investigation that they will conduct during the term. Currently there are teams investigating water quality (electrical conductivity, pH, salinity, turbidity). Preparing pre-service teachers in GLOBE protocols is an excellent opportunity to bring GLOBE to schools around the country.  GLOBE partner Ethan Allen, Ph.D. at Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) is a GLOBE Partner supporting K-12 schools in Hawaii since 1996.


Xavier University of Louisiana Partnership

Morewell Gasseller from Xavier University of Louisiana held his first teacher training in December 2018. Eighteen (18) middle school teachers from 10 different schools in the Jefferson Parish school district attended the workshop. The teachers were trained on 3 protocols (surface temperature, atmospheric aerosols, and soil). Each protocol was accompanied by some in-class and outdoor activities. Sherry Herron, from the University of Southern Mississippi GLOBE Partnership, supported the travel and involvement of Kendrick Buford, her graduate student. 

Gasseller was a participant in the May 2016 GLOBE STEM Equity Bootcamp in Santa Fe, NM and has re-invigorated the Partnership at his institution. The Bootcamps were funded by a grant from NSF (#1623980). In the fall of 2017, Gasseller hosted participants of the New Orleans Bootcamp. Read more about Gasseller hosting here.



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