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Over 30 GLOBE-related projects were presented at the 2022 AGU Fall meeting, held 12-16 December 2022 in Chicago, IL. Authors included Partners, community members, NASA and GIO, as well as NASA SEES Student Interns (highlighted below with an asterisk). Projects can be seen below with a link to the abstract. Thank you to all presenters for your work! 



Link to Abstract

IN12B-0270 - A Meta-Learning Framework for Characterizing and Accessing Training Data for GLOBE Observer Program Land Cover Protocols Xiao Huang, Di Yang, Shawna McBride, Jessica Mitchell, Peder Nelson, Russanne Low
ED11C-01 - GLOBE Mission Earth Evaluation: Strengthening the Students’ Voice Nektaria Adaktylou, Kevin Czajkowski, Peter Garik, Janet Struble, Jessica Taylor, Sara Feit, Svetlana Darche, David Padgett, Jonathan Boxerman, UrLeaka Newsome, Mary Ann Wojton
ED16A-08 - Improving Data Quality Through the GLOBE Observer Cloud Protocol Using Model Based Reasoning Techniques John Olgin, Pennington
H15T-1031 - Development of Low-Cost Handheld Soil Moisture Measurement Device for Farmers and Citizen Scientists Siddhesh Mane, Anant Kanungo, Gurjeet Singh, Narendra Das
Tackling Data Quality and Interoperability Challenges in Citizen Science Datasets: Examples from the GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper and Land Cover Datasets (Invited) Prachi Ingle,  Matteo Kimura, Andrew Clark, Peder Nelson, Rusanne Low
ED14A-02 - Informal STEM Learning Empowering Students to Tackle Climate Issues through GLOBE Hands-On Science in “Safe Spaces” Svetlana Darche, Tracy Ostrom
ED13B-10 - Measuring Science Literacy across an Education Collaborative Heather Fischer, Mathew Nyman, Holly Cho, Martin Storksdieck, Nancy Staus
ED25A-04 - Moving past the pandemic: engaging students in formal and informal settings to study their local environments Kevin Czajkowski, Janet Struble, Svetlana Darche, Peter Garik, David Padgett, Evangeline Harris, Nektaria Adaktylou, Jessica Taylor, Jennifer Bourgeault
ED25A-02 - Assessing School District Readiness for Teacher Professional Development in Environmental Science Investigations Peter Garik, Nektaria Adaktylou, Jonathan Boxerman, Svetlana Darche, Sara Feit, David Padgett, Jessica Taylor, Jennifer Bourgeault, Kevin Czajkowski, Donald DeRosa, Tracy Ostrom, Janet Struble
The GLOBE Program: Enabling Students and Citizen Scientists to Explore Earth Allison Leidner n/a
Tree Height from the Ground and Space: The NASA GLOBE Program and the NASA ICESat-2 Mission Brian Campbell n/a
ED31B-01 - Connecting Institutions and Disciplines through NASA Research Internship by Investigating Air Quality and Snow Kaila Banister, Carrie Vuyovich, Christina Buffington, Alicia Joseph, Bonnie Murray, Carl Schmitt, Caroline Montgomery
ED35C-0561 - Validation of NASA GLOBE Cloud and Temperature Observations Using Data from the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 MD Ishfaq Ur Rahman, Kevin Czajkowski
ED42B-0585 - Forecasting West Nile Virus Infections: A Machine-Learning Approach to Epidemiological Monitoring * Rachel Chen, Aidan Schneider, Francisco Rodriguez, Starlika Bauskar
ED42B-0569 - A Mosquito is Worth 16x16 Larvae: Evaluation of Deep Learning Architectures for Mosquito Larvae Classification * Aswin Surya, David Backer Peral, Austin VanLoon, Akhila Rajesh
GH42B-02 - Citizen Science-Enabled Tools for the Global Surveillance and Control of Mosquitoes Russanne Low, Peder Nelson, Matteo Kimura, Dan Bartlett, Conner Mapes, Johnny Uelcem, Karlene Rivera, Sriram Chellappan, Farhat Azam, Ryan Carney
ED41D-04 - Using GLOBE Observations to Analyze the Effect of Hurricanes on Mosquito Population Patterns * Emily Wang, Valentina Larina, Daniel Wright
ED41C-05 - The Effects of Roof Design on Mosquito Activity * Carina Galutia, Sreeharshini Kundurthi, Briana Blue, Jesus Ramos
ED41A-01 - Analysis of cpA Nerve-Blocking Compounds to Inhibit Functionality of Carbon Dioxide-Sensitive Receptors in Mosquitoes * Ryan Dempsey, Sophia Bullen, Edward Thomas, Aneesh Mazumder, Danial Pitafi
ED41C-02 - Method for Effective Mosquito Data Classification to Identify Potential Hosts of Malaria with AI Implications * Walker Gaines, AJ Ceasar, Rahul Gajendran, Aaron Lee, Tejas Ram, Angelina Richter, Obumneme Nwosu
ED41A-05 - The Influence of Humidity, Precipitation, and Temperature on Mosquito-borne Vectors in the United States * Dori Stein, Benjamin Folk, Mia Obid, Sidha Kunada
ED41C-03 - Predicting Mosquito Abundance in Chicago Using Remote Sensing Climate Data and Machine Learning * Sheil Dharan, Daisy Li, Alan Muller Monteiro, Giovanni Victorio
ED41A-08 - Exploring Multiple Ways of Studying Clouds for Blind and Sighted Students Alike Naudia Graham
ED41D-06 - How Humidity Affects My Running Elizabeth Frantz
ED41D-01 - Analyzing the 2014 West Nile Virus Outbreak in Orange County * Marvel Hanna, Tristin Perkins, Catalina Barrientes
B41A-03 - Assessing the Effects of Surface Temperature and Tree Coverage in Select Suburban Parks Marwa Aidibi, Yasmina Abbas, Zainab Zaidan
ED41C-04 - The Ecological Effects of Hurricane Harvey and the Black Forest Fire on West Nile Virus * Annabel Yarborough, Mia Lagunas, Joseph Hueter
ED44D-06 - Land Cover Verification and Error Analysis for Citizen Science Applications* Rebecca Lawton, Rhea Rai, Anahid Vicente
ED44B-06 - MASC AI: A Novel Method for Effective Mosquito Data Classification and Mapping * Aesha Shah, Nikita Agrawal, Samhitha Duggirala, Elizabeth Gorman, William Hong, Joseph Kim, Nithin Reddy
ED44B-01 - A Comparative Analysis of Different Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Mosquito Genera Classification * Dhilan Shah, Sameen Ahmad, Ankhi Banerjee, Saurav Bavdekar, Suhani Shukla, Michael Squeri, Adiana Talianova, Arav Sachdeva
ED44D-05 - Predicting Volume of Mosquito Borne Diseases Using A.M.E.A. Sensor/Radio Network * Anushka Jain, Miguel Jose Bueno, James Ervin, Owen Luo, Aarnav Tendulkar
ED55B-03 - GLOBE Observer’s Earth System Explorers: A Scalable Virtual Internship Model to Engage Emerging Scientists in Open-Source Science Russanne Low, Peder Nelson, Cassie Soeffing, Andrew Clark, Erika Podest, Faguni Gupta, Holly Cho, Heather Fischer, David Gosselin
News origin: United States of America