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WestED/UC Berkeley Team Offer Resources for Supporting Teachers During COVID-19

The Team at WestEd/UC Berkeley are navigating their way through the California “shelter at home” mandate as a result of COVID-19. Meeting with GLOBE Mission EARTH (GME) teachers and students over the Zoom platform has enabled the partnership and teachers to stay connected. On March 26th the Team met with 12 GME teachers from California and Hawaii to discuss a variety of topics ranging from on-line learning strategies and abilities to keeping student research projects alive

Recognizing the disparity of schools and school districts to provide resources for students to continue their learning, the Team and teachers discussed opportunities to support structured learning practices in grades 2-12. Key resources were identified during the meeting and include a variety of NASA and GLOBE resources. 

Students can complete a poster as a research project using data from MyNASAData and/or GLOBE Visualization tool. There is plenty of time to put together a project that can last a few weeks or until the end of the school year. Also, projects are a great way to engage students in showing you what they have learned; access and understand data; and/or provide an opportunity for students to work in groups-from their own home. Please note that there are ALSO a number of "mini-lessons" on MyNASAData that are student-centered and can be directly uploaded onto google classroom. Here are a few additional resources to share with your teachers to support data analysis and/or projects: 

And check out the new NASA at Home resource page (updated daily).

Also, the WestEd/UCB team is working with Margaret Pippin at NASA Langley to access real-time particulate and pollutant data and how it has changed since the "shelter at home" mandate here in California and in other areas across the state.

Check out this VERY rough 5 minute video on how students can access the MND visualization tool.

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