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NASA Langley and Camp Discovery Partner with Longleaf Middle School in a Yearlong Surface Temperature Investigation

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at Longleaf Middle School in Blythewood, SC, are conducting a yearlong surface temperature investigation in their school parking lot. NASA Langley and Camp Discovery in Blythewood provide ongoing support to the teachers and students through training, communication, collaboration, and subject matter experts (SME) connections. The local Sherwin-Williams donated paint to cover parking spaces so that the students can conduct an investigation to determine how color affects the surface temperature of surfaces throughout the year. This is a continuation of a project that was started last year during which the school looked at the relationship between land cover and surface temperature.

The parking lot was painted with blue and white sections at Longleaf Middle School to aid students in their surface temperature investigation
Students use infrared thermometers to measure surface temperature in a parking lot

Photo captions, top to bottom:
1. Two parking spots painted with blue and white at Longleaf Middle School.

2. Students use infrared thermometers to measure surface temperature in the Longleaf Middle School parking lot.

News origin: United States of America