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UNH Graduate Student Brings Water Wonders to Local Elementary School

Graduate Student Eliza Balch
UNH Graduate Student Eliza Blach

After attending an Elementary GLOBE workshop at the University of New Hampshire's STEM Educator's Summit, the assistant principal Stacey Weeks at Little Harbour School in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA, reached out to see if GLOBE would be interested in participating in their school's annual STEAM day. UNH Graduate student Eliza Balch, Masters student in Water Resources, brought macro-invertebrates and led the GLOBE Water Wonders activity with the 3rd grade students. 

Student Observations of MacroInvertebrates
Student Observations

For the activity, she did an introduction where they brainstormed what they thought they might find in the water, shared a story, and then played a quick game. After that, students made observations and drawings of the critters, measured the water temperature, and even tried on some waders and boots! 

Eliza said the day was a huge success. "They were all tasked as detectives to help me figure out if the water was healthy. I was worried that the critters I found wouldn’t be very exciting to them, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. They were incredibly curious and loved watching them swim and wriggle around. Most, if not all of them, had never seen anything like it, so what seemed sparse to me was totally exciting to them. They were great observers and asked very good questions too.”

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News origin: Leitzel Center at the University of New Hampshire