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NASA and National Reading Month

March is National Reading Month in the U.S., which presents the perfect opportunity for learners to explore NASA reading material on a more personal level.

Engaging learners in reading supplemental science materials involves targeting their interests. Do you have students who seek reading materials that are rich in drama, full of nonstop action, or showcase an adventure? Do others beg for a good mystery or love a travelogue featuring an exotic location? How about those who can’t get enough history? NASA has all of these genres covered! Discover the dramatic environmental effects associated with “Urban Heat Islands.” “EO Kids: Landslides” reveals the consequences of geologic action. Join in the adventure of making “Discoveries at Willow Creek.” Investigate the “Mystery of the Missing Hummingbirds.” Travel to Pluto with the New Horizons mission in “Space Place: Hail King of the Ice Dwarfs.” Read front page stories from the “Cosmic Times” declaring discoveries about the universe that made headlines as far back as 1919, or go back to 1958 to the launch of Explorer I in “60 Years of Looking at Earth from Above.”

The resources highlighted on NASA Wavelength - a digital library for educators of all levels - at are grade-appropriate reading opportunities that feature engaging and educational science stories and articles.  And they can be used anytime – not just in March.

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