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International Student Conservation Leadership Summit


JULY 31-AUGUST 8, 2019

Water ties us together. High school Indigenous and non-Indigenous students came together in San Diego at the University of  California San Diego. Students shared stories about how water impacts their lives, used GLOBE hydrology protocols to collect data for their short-term science investigations. 

Our guest, Doug Liden, from EPA Region 9 joined students to share his professional journey and the bi-national water partnership between Mexico and the United States. 

Students used digital stories to summarize each days learning and used the Adobe Spark app as an additional story component to their science presentations at the conclusion of the week. 

Interspersed throughout the week Indigenous students from San Diego's Kumeyaay tribe and in Taiwan shared their culture, traditions and traditional ways of knowing. 

Indigenous students from Taiwan, San Diego and L.A.


A partnership between the National Wildlife Federation, US EPA, and EPA Taiwan, with funding from Taiwan's Ministry of Education.

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News origin: National Wildlife Federation - Eco-Schools USA