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Life Discovery-Doing Science Education Conference


2nd Life Discovery-Doing Science Education Conference

October 3-4, 2014

San José State University, San José CA

Do you have ideas to bring the thrill of biology and real world connections to your students? Then join in Realizing Vision and Change, Preparing for Next Generation Biology.  Share your lesson ideas and connect with professional scientists who can provide feedback and help clarify and update content to keep your students engaged and interested in biological sciences at the Education Share Fair. Instructors, researchers, curriculum developers, technology experts and department leaders are all vitally needed in this project and welcome!

Conference organizers proposals for the Education Share Fair Roundtables (45 mins) to exchange ideas that are suitable, scalable, and adaptable to secondary and post-secondary levels of education in addressing the objectives of the K12 Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Vision and Change for Undergraduate Biology Education (V&C).

What is the Education Share Fair Roundtable format?

Each presentation will be at a roundtable with up to seven other participants. Discussions can cover issues related but not restricted to core concepts, teaching methodology, misconceptions, assessment or educational extensions. This session is designed for educators to share lesson ideas and resources (images, datasets, charts, case studies, videos etc.) at any stage of development to receive peer feedback. Success stories and preliminary ideas are both welcome.  All presenters are strongly encouraged to publish developed teaching ideas in the LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library as a record of conference proceedings.

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