Conducting field investigations

Science Practices: Conducting Field Investigations

This page provides webinars and resources related to conducting successful field investigations.


In this webinar from 2019, GLOBE Project Web Manager, Cornell Lewis, demonstrates how to create a data site and enter your data on the GLOBE website. He also gives a brief overview of how to access and retrieve the data from the Visualization system. Uploading data to the website is essential for participating in the SRS, and also a great way to contribute to the millions of measurements used by scientists and students world-wide!


This webinar from 2016 was hosted by Pat Otto, Washington's Project Learning Tree coordinator, from the Pacific Education InstituteThe webinar goes from categorizing questions to constructing arguments/explanations of data.

Watch Pat Otto's webinar on youtube.

Resources and Links:

• Jennifer Bourgeault's Conducting Field Investigation webinar slides from Oct 2017 (PDF)

Field Investigations, Using Outdoor Environments to Foster Student Learning of Scientific Practices

• Other FieldSTEM Guides

• NGSS Practices on Conducting and Carrying Out Investigations

• Preparing your research plan blog post by GLOBE Science Working Group member Constantinos Cartalis.