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2012 Student Xpedition to the Roof of Africa

The 4th annual GLOBE Africa and Seasons and Biomes Xpedition is just around the corner. In a matter of weeks, GLOBE students, teachers and scientists will make another epic trek to the summit of the highest peak in Africa.

What is the Mt. Kilimanjaro Xpedition?

kili 1
Mt. Kilimanjaro

Students on the Xpedition study the various ecological zones of Mt. Kilimanjaro and record vegetation, air, soil and surface temperature, cloud type and cover, relative humidity and as well as several hydrological measurements. They will be retrieving data loggers placed on the mountain by last year's Xpedition Team. Xpedition scientists will analyze the data to determine whether  ecological  biomes are shifting and how much the glaciers of Mt. Kilimanjaro are shrinking.

Why is this Xpedition Important?

The glaciers of Kilimanjaro are quickly disintegrating under the equatorial African sun. Snowfall during the rainy season isn't keeping pace with the melting that occurs during the dry season. This Xpedition will collect scientific data to compare with the data of previous Xpeditions and serve as a comparative baseline to examine the effects of climate change that threaten the entire ecosystem of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Read more

Who is Participating in the Mt. Kilimanjaro Xpedition in 2012?

  • Students and Teachers from Africa and the United States
  • Scientists from Japan, Russia and the United States
  • A professional film crew


When will the Xpedition take place?

On the trek
On the trek

23 September – 1 October 2012          


How can you participate?

  • Follow the Xpedition on GLOBE Facebook.
  • Tune in to two live Webinars from the mountain.


Webinar 1: Wednesday 26 September 2012

11:00 MST North America

17:00 GMT/UTC

Location: Lava Tower Camp 15,196 Feet

Scientist Led Webinar:

  • Highlights of the science taking place on the mountain
  • permafrost research, hydrology, and mountain ecology


Webinar 2: Monday 1 October 2012


11:00 MST North America

17:00 GMT/UTC

Location: Xpedition Basecamp

Studying the land cover enroute to the summit

Student & Teacher Led Webinar:

  • What is GLOBE?
  • Highlights of student research and the use of GLOBE protocols
  • Reflections and experiences from the mountain including photos and videos


What's new this year?

  • New data loggers will be positioned on the mountain.
  • New web features including a Google Earth guided tour and GLOBE Protocol videos on the daily journal pages.
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