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Elementary GLOBE’s What’s Up in the Atmosphere? Awarded AMS Louis J. Battan K-12 Book Award

Cover of Elementary GLOBE Storybook What's Up in the Atmosphere: Exploring Colors in the Sky

The Council of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) voted to award the Elementary GLOBE storybook What’s Up in the Atmosphere: Exploring Colors in the Sky (text by Becca Hatheway and Kerry Zarlengo; illustrations by Lisa Gardiner), the Louis J. Battan Authors’ Award, K-12.

The citation for this award reads, “For What’s Up in the Atmosphere: Exploring Colors in the Sky, which is a delightful, comprehensive story that walks young adults through the scientific process to explore aerosols and air quality measurements.”

The award is presented to the author(s) of outstanding learning materials or book published within the last three years that fosters the understanding of atmospheric and related sciences in K-12 audiences. Nominations are considered by a committee of no fewer than five members of the Education and Human Resources Commission, which makes a recommendation for final approval by AMS Council. 

The formal presentation of the award will occur in conjunction with the 101st AMS Annual Meeting, which is scheduled to be held 10-14 January 2021 in New Orleans, USA. (Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fact that at least portions of the meeting will be done virtually, the exact form of the presentation of awards is not yet confirmed.)

In this Elementary GLOBE storybook, which is available on the GLOBE website as an “Air Quality Module,” the GLOBE Kids investigate colors in the sky and learn how air pollution affects sky color and our health. Learning activities engage students in describing sky color and conditions in the atmosphere, creating a model to learn how sky color and visibility are affected by aerosols, using prisms to explore properties of light and colors, and collecting aerosol samples.

To view the storybook, click here.

To learn more about the AMS Louis J. Battan Authors’ Award, click here.

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