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Join the GLOBE Earth Day 2022 Air Temperature Data Challenge: Collect (25 March); Visualize (28 March); and Connect with GLOBE Community

Earth Day 2022 banner showing GLOBE community members in action

Celebrate Earth Day with GLOBE – Air Temperature Data Challenge

Earth Day is 22 April 2022 and this year marks the 27th Anniversary of The GLOBE Program! To celebrate Earth Day 2022, the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) is inviting GLOBE students to participate in our global Air Temperature Data Challenge. The challenge encompasses a series of activities that will give students the opportunity to engage in the scientific process. The challenge's objective aims to:


On 25 March, go outside and gather an (AT) measurement following the GLOBE AT protocol. Make sure you collect this measurement within one hour of solar noon, local time. During the collection event, remember to: 

  • take an outdoor photo of yourself or your friends collecting AT data on 25 March; and
  • submit your AT measurement into the GLOBE Data Entry System by 28 March.


On 28 March, begin examining the data you collected along with all the other measurements gathered by the GLOBE community during the collection event. In addition, between 28 March and 06 April you can have fun creating a visual representation of all the AT data gathered on 25 March from around the world. These representations can be graphs, drawings, or any other means you choose to visually express the air temperature data. 


Collecting and visualizing data is even more rewarding when we connect with others in the GLOBE community to explore the collected AT measurements from around the world. Through this data challenge, students are connecting through a shared set of measurements and how they choose to visualize or “see” the results and share them with the broader community. 

Keep a lookout for featured GLOBE student photographs and visualizations at the GLOBE Earth Day Celebration on 22 April.

Important: Make sure to submit your photo and visualization images by 06 April

For more information, including information on how to participate in the challenge, click here. (Be sure to keep checking back; as Earth Day approaches, this page will be updated with additional details!)


News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office