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U.S. GLOBE Students: NASA Spotlite Video Challenge: Cloud Detectives – Winter/Spring Registration Open; Videos Due 25 March

The NASA Spotlite Logo, reading "Science for students by students"

GLOBE Students: NASA wants student content producers to produce a video for the NASA eClips™ website. The Winter/Spring registration is open; videos must be submitted by 25 March. (Summer deadline is 31 July).

One of NASA’s goals is to improve scientific literacy, or our understanding of science. The goal of the video challenge is to engage students in doing activities that can help change their misconceptions about a topic in science. Each tab on the challenge website provides the information and resources needed to produce a NASA Spotlite video.

Teams will produce a video (90 seconds to two minutes) confronting one of two misconceptions related to clouds by investigating and collecting evidence, including GLOBE Clouds and NASA data. Learners in formal and non-formal education settings can become content creators and inspire others to engage in science. All steps of creating a Spotlite video can be accomplished using cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

Educators have used the challenge as interdisciplinary project, and out-of-school time unit, a performance assessment and more.

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