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Tech Update December 2018

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The GLOBE Program's website had several new updates during the month of November 2018.

The Website:

GLOBE Country Coordinators and Partners can now receive email notifications concerning new accounts, such as:

  • GLOBE accounts awaiting their approval
  • A monthly member report

Also new this past month is the ability to send out workshop email reminders, such as:

  • A pending workshop reminder email
  • A workshop completion reminder email

Users can now retrieve photos (clouds, mosquitoes and land cover) on the GLOBE website using the Advanced Data Access Tool. ADAT via mobile is now responsive as well.

Looking Forward:

Our technology team is working on: 

  • Enhancements to the Student Research Reports application. (This will improve filtering and the ability to associate reports with multiple report types [IVSS, Mission Mosquito, SRS, etc.])
  • Adding Google translations for Spanish (with additional languages possible) to the entire website.
  • Giving GLOBE Observers the ability to create and manage special groups that they can associate their data.
  • Making layout improvements to the Workshop admin tool.




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