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Updates on the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) Transition from the NASA GLOBE Program Office (GPO)

In case you missed it, UCAR sent an email announcement on May 28 to share details about the transition of GIO leadership: 


Following the announcement from GLOBE federal sponsors to the community on the outcome of the GIO cooperative agreement competition on April 17, 2024, GPO, UCAR GIO, the new GIO team from both the Education Development Center (EDC; led by Rebecca Lewis) and The City University of New York (CUNY; led by Becky Boger), GLOBE Data and Information System (DIS), the GLOBE Observer team, and GLOBE federal co-sponsors have all been hard at work to plan and execute the GIO transition. The overarching goal of the transition activities is for the new GIO team (EDC and CUNY) to understand how various GIO functional groups have operated over the years. This ensures necessary continuity and knowledge transfer to facilitate EDC and CUNY’s planning of the programmatic support they will provide for GLOBE’s worldwide community given their vision. 

I am pleased to report that the transition, which started on May 1, 2024, is going well. UCAR GIO staff have been generous with their time and knowledge. At the same time, Rebecca Lewis, Becky Boger, and their teams are working very well at an accelerated speed to set up the basic support infrastructure, such as the new GIO community support email addresses and ticketing system, as well as communication capabilities. More importantly, both Rebecca and Becky have embraced the “ONE GIO” concept from day one and planned their workflow and collaboration accordingly. I want to thank DIS, the GLOBE Observer team, and GLOBE federal co-sponsors for stepping-up wherever they are needed. I also want to send a note of deep appreciation to departing UCAR GIO staff for all the work they have done and their professionalism throughout this transition process. 

Please welcome new GIO team members and introduce yourself when you see them at community meetings (virtual or in-person), including Working Groups, U.S. Partner Forum, Regional Coordination Office meetings, International Organization Committee (for the Annual Meeting), U.S. GLOBE Evaluator Community of Practice, and the upcoming GLOBE Annual Meeting at SUNY Fredonia. Starting May 28, 2024, the GLOBE community should send inquiries about the GLOBE Program to the new GIO Community Support Team email address: The community can send questions about the GIO competition and GIO transition to me, NASA GLOBE Program Manager, Amy P. Chen, I very much appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this transition process.


Amy P. Chen, NASA GLOBE Program Manager

Creating a Successful Transition 

UCAR is committed to a smooth transition of the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) to the new organizations and is looking forward to facilitating an excellent annual meeting in July. The GIO at UCAR team have been actively connecting with Rebecca Lewis (GIO Director of Community Engagement and Support) and Becky Boger (GIO Director of Science, Training, Education, and Public Engagement–STEPE) over the last few weeks. After an introductory meeting on May 7, we have organized over 12 meetings between UCAR/GIO subject matter experts and the GIO teams from both the Education Development Center (EDC) and the City University of New York (CUNY–STEPE). Each of these meetings have been incredibly productive with process and documentation sharing and time for question/answers and follow-up meetings and communications.

Today, May 28, marks the end date for many on the GIO staff at UCAR. My sincere thanks to the following staff who have demonstrated passion for The GLOBE Program and commitment to the GLOBE community: Tony Murphy, Jan Heiderer, Valerie Williams, Eslam Khair, Gregory Hoffman, Nick Barancyk, Jeff Grossman, Madeline Lane, Stefanie Cotton, and Celia Payne. Project manager Claire Mowry will remain at UCAR and transition to the UCAR Community Programs directorate.

The following UCAR staff will be working for GLOBE through the annual meeting: John Ristvey, Grace Crain-Wright, Simon Castro-Wooldridge, Alison Mote, Tara Torres, and Elizabeth Mays. UCAR subawardees including Lyn Wigbels, the U.S. Country Coordination Office, and the Regional Coordination Offices will remain on contract with UCAR through the end of August. Starting September 2024, the current U.S. Country Coordination Office will be supported via an independent cooperative agreement from NASA and the Regional Coordination Offices will transition as subawardees under EDC for at least a year. 

It has been an honor and privilege to serve this wonderful GLOBE community in different capacities since I first joined UCAR in 2014. I wish you all the best as you continue to ‘DO GLOBE!’


John Ristvey

Interim GIO Director for GLOBE Implementation and Operations

Greetings from the New GIO Team

EDC and CUNY are excited and honored to co-lead GIO and engage and support this wonderful community. We believe deeply in GLOBE’s mission, and we can’t wait to dive in and work closely with you to build on and expand GLOBE’s successes. We have already begun to collaborate and align our two teams, so that we can operate effectively as one GLOBE Implementation Office to support this critical work. Many thanks to UCAR for their insights and invaluable partnership as we navigate the transition. We look forward to meeting you all at upcoming community events, including the GLOBE Annual Meeting. 


Rebecca Lewis, GIO Director of Community Engagement and Support

Becky Boger, GIO Director of Science, Training, Education, and Public Engagement 

 A Few Words from Tony Murphy ...

As the transition winds down, I want to thank the UCAR GIO Team for its work with me and the GLOBE Community over the last 10 years. Our mission has always been to serve and support you so that we could all build a stronger community and program. We knew that building a strong community would create resilience in times of change, and this is one of those times. 

I want to thank each of you for all of your work to move this program forward in small steps and sometimes in leaps and bounds. The success of the program in the last decade rests on the shoulders of many. 

I have been privileged and honored to support you and thank you sincerely for all your dedication to this unique program.

Thank YOU for ALL YOU DO for GLOBE.


Tony Murphy

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