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Even NASA’s Top Scientists Need a Little Back-Up Sometimes! Watch Bonus Episode of NASA Explorers Digital Series “Cryosphere: Cryo Kids”

Photo of GLOBE students in action for a bonus NASA Explorers: Cryosphere -- Cryo Kids video

NASA Explorers come in all ages! In a bonus episode of NASA Explorers: Cryosphere – Cryo Kids, NASA scientists headed to rural Alaska to check in with some of the program’s tiniest Explorers. These energized explorers are following in the scientists’ footsteps, and working with The GLOBE Program to conduct frost tube experiments designed to measure when and where snow and ice are freezing.

NASA Explorers is a new digital series that takes you inside the space agency and follows the pioneers, risk-takers, and experts at the frontline of exploration. Season 1, “Cryosphere,” joins NASA scientists on their journey to the frozen ends of the Earth as they study our rapidly changing world from satellites, planes, and boots on the ground.

To watch the bonus episode, which just went live on Facebook, click here. (Be sure to stick around for a thank you message from NASA scientists to the young Explorers collecting their data.)

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