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Today (31 March) GLOBE Mission EARTH Webinar #4 – “What Can You Do To Make Your Water Healthier?”

BWET/GLOBE Mission EARTH 31 March Webinar shareable

Bay Watershed Education and Training (BWET) and GLOBE Mission EARTH (GME) will host their fourth webinar, “What Can You Do To Make Your Water Healthier?” in support of the BWET/GME Water Quality Training. The webinar will be held on 31 March at 8:00 p.m. EDT.

Dr. Kevin Czajkowski (Dr. C., from  the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA), who is leading the training, will look at GLOBE hydrology data and discuss ways to improve the water quality. Dru Mark-Wilson will describe the work of the Defiance Soil and Water Conservation District and its educational opportunities. Abbie Smith (Hilltop Junior and Senior High School, West Unity, Ohio) will talk about her experience of integrating GLOBE in her junior high classroom. Meredith Wolfe (Clay High School, Clay Township, Ohio) will describe  her participation in the Inland Seas Education Association Schoolship Program.

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