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Measuring rainfall – it’s easy and difficult at the same time

This week we welcome long-time friend of GLOBE, Dr. Peggy LeMone, Chief Scientist for the GLOBE Program from 2003-2009, as our guest blogger. Dr. LeMone is currently working in the field of weather and cloud formation at the National Center … Continue reading

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Zero is still a measurement

Zero is a fascinating word and concept.  The concept of zero can be attributed to mathematicians in India over a thousand years ago.  Jaina mathematicians may have been the first to use the word shunya (meaning void in Sanskrit) to … Continue reading

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North America and hurricane vulnerability – a project to improve forecasts

The month of June brings with it hurricane season in the North Atlantic Ocean basin. Both countries in GLOBE’s North America Region, Canada and the United States, are affected by these storms.  It is important to remember that tropical cyclones … Continue reading

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