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The October Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) Campaign is On through October

UHIE Campaign slide showing temperature changes in the late afternoon

The October 2021 Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE)-Surface Temperature Field Campaign has begun! The campaign, which is led by Dr. Kevin Czajkowski (Dr. C), GLOBE Scientist for the campaign, is focused on looking at the impact urbanization has on the Earth’s surface temperature and how the surface temperature changes the dynamics of the Earth’s atmosphere. The campaign is now studying these impacts in seasons: October, December, and March – during which time participants will collect and submit the following data: cloud data, air temperature, and surface temperature. (Please keep in mind all guidelines set by local governments with regard to COVID-19 precautions.)

Studying the energy cycle is fundamental to understanding how the Earth’s spheres function within its system. The surface temperature measurements contribute data: 1) not normally collected by weather agencies, 2) for climate studies, and 3) for “ground-truthing” satellite data.

To learn more about the campaign, including what to do and how to do it, click here.

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office