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Technology Update - October 2014

The GLOBE website is constantly improving based on your needs and feedback. In the last few weeks, the Program has added many important additions and upgrades. Here are some of the latest upgrades and enhancements. >>


  • Added a photos tab to the site information window - All protocols now have the ability to display site photos.

Student Accounts

  • Completed student account permission updates. Revised student permissions:

Permission Student Account (Yes/No)
Has a My Page Yes (data entry+collaboration)
Can post comments to web content (news/news-events/globe-events/etc) Yes (teacher is notified)
Can join communities Yes
Can post to forums Yes
Can have a student account under them No
Shows up in search results Yes
Shows up in their organization member listing Yes
Added to GLOBE Metrics page Yes
Added to partner/CC metrics portlet Yes
Can enter Training Data Yes
Shows up on the Community Map No
Can request Friends Yes (teacher is notified. Automatically friends with teacher)
Can be-friend another student Yes
Can create data sites Yes
Can post on wall of their friends Yes (email is sent to teacher of what was posted on student's wall)
Will display on member's activity list Yes
Can view school images Yes (images of any school)
Can upload images to their school page Yes
Can upload documents or create folders in a community Yes
Can post comments to blogs Yes (teacher is notified)
Can create blogs No



  • Improved the formatting of data sites on school pages.  Data sites also now have links directly to each site's info window in the visualization system to make it easier for teachers to access their data
  • school's organization page with a link to the News story.
  • Added the ability for members to edit their headshot photo on their My Page
  • Data Entry – changed the member's name that appears on the DE page to reflect the student instead of the teacher
  • Cleaned up the school highlights page  (improved page formatting)
  • Limited the search field to a minimum of 3 characters (to minimize large search results when less than 3 characters are entered)


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