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GLOBE Presents a New Documentary Series: Agents of Change – Videos Now Available

We, at the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO), believe that large global stories, such as the all-encompassing story of The GLOBE Program, can often be told best by narrowing the lens to focus on an individual or individuals who exemplify the best efforts of our community. These are the people whose dedication and good work make an impact on a community; “multipliers” who spread the work of GLOBE and encourage others to have an impact. 

With funding from our program sponsor, NASA; story guidance and series coordination from the GIO; logistical support from GLOBE community members; our talented crew; and the delightful participation of the “stars” of these films, we bring you:

Agents of Change
A Documentary Series of GLOBE Impact Around the World
Episodes 1, 2, and 3
(All three videos are available on GLOBE’s "Agents of Change" playlist. 
To view the playlist, click here.)

Agents of Change
Episode 1:  GLOBE in Africa

Creative students in Ortum, Kenya, who had been collecting environmental data using home-made weather instruments, find themselves the beneficiaries of a new 3D-printed weather station.

Image taken from Episode 1, Africa; students walking through the street

Agents of Change
Episode 2: GLOBE in Latin America

Luis, age 9, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, develops  a passion for exploring the habitats and life cycles of mosquitoes, and takes measures to eradicate the spread of mosquito-borne diseases in his community.

Image taken from Episode 2, GLOBE in Latin America; with Luis working on research


Agents of Change
Episode 3: GLOBE in North America

Students of the Mescalero Apache Reservation High School in New Mexico, USA, research air quality and find a way to protect their community from the devastating effects of breathing smoke from wildfires.

Photo taken from "Agents of Change, Episode 3: GLOBE in North America (United States); showing a student from the Mescalero Apache Reservation High School with a huge smile on her face

Note. GIO has completed three videos that represent the impact of GLOBE in the Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, and North America regions… for starters. We are planning to complete this visual portrait of the impact of GLOBE in GLOBE’s three remaining regions: Asia and Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, and Near East and North Africa.


News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office