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Dear friends,

we are pleased to announce the RIVERS IN SPRING (Fiumi di Primavera) event, which celebrates the 20th edition of the World Water Day 2020 in Mantova, Northern Italy.











Medieval Mantova seen from the Lower Lake, the place of the WWD 2020 event in Mantova

It will take place on March 20 next.

Join the event with activities in your country!

We warmly invite the National Coordinators, teachers and researchers to promote scientific, creative and communication actions in schools, universities and their communities in the days preceding / coinciding with / or following the official date (March 22) in collaboration with their respective partners and with citizenship to raise awareness among decision makers about the need to make interventions for the study and defense of the quality of the aquatic systems and the ecosystem services they offer and against the climate change.

Share your activities, photos and short reports at the Water Bodies Discussion Forum!


Images from the WWD 2019 edition in Mantova

In the approximately 60 stations set up on the right bank of the Mantova Lower Lake, schools, local authorities, agencies and associations will manage more than 80 activities organized on scientific laboratories, creative performances, exhibits, exhibitions and excursions in the environment dedicated to the official theme of the event WATER AND CLIMATE CHANGE launched by the United Nations. However, other environmental issues that have national or regional or local relevance and that fall within the objectives of the United Nations Agenda 2030 (n. 2 Good Health and well Being, n. 6 Clean Water and Sanitation,  n. 7 Affordable and clean Energy, n.13 Climate Action, n. 14 Life below Water) will also be addressed.



Images from the WWD 2019 edition in Mantova

The 3000 expected participants will be involved in a choral testimony in defense of surface waters (rivers, lakes, canals, wetlands, etc.), of the ecosystem services they offer (whose functionality is threatened by the climate change, as well as by anthropic activities) and of the natural resources in general in the with a view to sustainable development. 










The article dedicated by a local newspaper to the WWD 2019 in Mantova

Italian and foreign universities and research centers will be present.

GLOBE schools from Friuli and Mantua will make scientific demonstrations based on GLOBE protocols and use of the GLOBE Apps for the dissemination of Citizen Science.




On this occasion, the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the GLOBE Program will be celebrated. The event, an example of co-planning between schools and communities, is PLASTIC-FREE, C-CHANGE monitored and completely free for both exhibitors and visitors.















An image from the WWD 2019 edition in Mantova

Due to the presence of foreign visitors, exhibitors are invited to prepare a brief description of their activities in English.

The event is promoted and organized by LABTER-CREA School Network Mantova in collaboration with Associazione GLOBE ITALIAGLOBE Italy National School Network, the GLOBE Program and ISIS Bassa Friulana, a leading Globe School in Italy located in Cervignano del Friuli, Udine.

The event has the patronage of the Italian Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of Resources and the Sea, the US General Consulate in Milan, the Lombardia Region, the Municipality of Mantova and the Accademia Nazionale Virgiliana.















An image from the WWD 2019 edition in Mantova

The Program of the Exhibitors running Activities can be downloaded from the GLOBE ITALIA website at the following address:

Sandro Sutti  and Lorella Rigonat

Sandro Sutti       Cel.
+39 333 805 4566
Lorella Rigonat  Cel. +39 338 210 6828


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Event origin: Italy


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