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The power of networking

Next week, The GLOBE Program expects to see 250 members of the GLOBE community in attendance at the 17th Annual GLOBE Partner Meeting. GLOBE partners, scientists, teachers, students, and other community members from 27 countries will travel to Maryland for … Continue reading

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Zero is still a measurement

Zero is a fascinating word and concept.  The concept of zero can be attributed to mathematicians in India over a thousand years ago.  Jaina mathematicians may have been the first to use the word shunya (meaning void in Sanskrit) to … Continue reading

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Next Generation Science Standards: from gaps to greats

This week’s blog post is a cross-post from the SmartBlog on Education, discussing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and gap analysis.  Various GLOBE Partners, such as Dave Bydlowski and Marcy Seavey, have been very active in the NGSS and suggested … Continue reading

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Plankton: a small, but important, player in life on Earth

This week’s blog post comes to us from Dr. Janis Steele and Dr. Brooks McCutchen. Drs. Steele and McCutchen, along with their three sons, have been aboard Research Vessel Llyr since April 24, 2013. Read about their adventure in the … Continue reading

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The connection of science and stewardship part II: examples and summary

This week’s post is a continuation from last week, where our guest blogger, Vera Gekov, explored GLOBE and connected it to environmental stewardship.  As part of my Master’s Applied Research Project, I collected stories as richly diverse as the international … Continue reading

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