Trainer/Mentor Trainer Process FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Trainings may be financed through any of the following modes:

  • Internal funds of organizers

  • In collaboration with private and public institutions

  • Grant funding from funders/sponsors

  • Solicitation and/ or Donation

  • Participant registration fee

You must be a certified GLOBE Educator or certified Citizen Scientist. You may become a Trainer by following the approved GLOBE certification process link, attending a “Train-the-Trainer” program organized by your Country Coordinator as resources are made available or participating in eTraining may be helpful in this process.
The “Trainee” is certified as “Trainer” only for the protocols in which he/she has been successfully observed and assessed. 
Yes, there is quite a bit of difference. Master Trainer, historically, was a term used for someone with years of protocol and training experience and expertise in one or more spheres. Trainer, historically, was a term used for those with fewer years of GLOBE workshop training experience. 

Mentor Trainers can serve in a variety of ways:

  • Observe and evaluate Trainer candidates using any or a combination of the following means:

    • Observation: In-Person, virtual, online/offline observation using submitted videos of training conducted and

    • Submission of Trainer/Mentor Trainer recommendation report. This form is a standard set by GIO link and other appropriate proof of trainings conducted to the Country Coordinator or Regional Office.

    • Provide guidance to trainees and share with them his/her personal experiences and growth in the GLOBE Program.

  • Commit to being available for a more indepth “one-to-one” relationship with his/her “trainee” as part of the certification and development process of Trainers. 

  • Assist Trainer candidates and Trainers in developing resources and skills for training purposes.

  • Model protocols, learning activities and GLOBE data analysis, as needed.

  • Serve on GLOBE committees and review panels, when appropriate.

 Ideally, but not necessarily. A Mentor Trainer must be certified with experience and depth of knowledge in all protocols of at least one sphere and can only serve as Mentor Trainer for that/those sphere(s) of certification.
No. Because of the added time and experience involved in the role of Mentor Trainer, there is no expectation for Trainers to become Mentor Trainers. The role of the Trainer is to teach protocols and help educators/citizen scientists learn how to enter and retrieve data into/from the GLOBE database. Entering data and obtaining badges for data entry is not required of Trainers or Mentor Trainers.

This length of time for this process will differ depending on the circumstances in each region. Funding will be at the discretion of the organizer and, when necessary, the entire process may be conducted via internet. 

While a discipline degree in any of the spheres is preferable, it is not necessarily required. However, observed competence and knowledge (experience and expertise) in one or more spheres is required following link. As set by the GLOBE Candidate Trainer and Mentor Trainer guidelines, the required competencies are listed in the Candidate Trainer/Mentor Trainer Workshop Observation Form.

Yes. Once a Trainer has gone through the steps to become a Trainer, eTraining is an easy way to learn protocols in different spheres. eTrainings are often used as a preTraining exercise. Upon completion, an electronic copy of the eTraining certificate is posted in the “Training History” of the educator/citizen scientist.

Yes, it is important for all Trainers and Mentor Trainers be familiar with online training tools, especially the eTraining modules for all protocols within the sphere that they are training. (e.g., all atmosphere related protocols for those people training in atmosphere). Members of the GLOBE community may have questions about eTraining options and it is important that Trainers and Mentor Trainers are able to answer questions, having completed the modules/assessments themselves.

Not necessarily. There are many uses for GLOBE eTrainings. It is important for all Mentor Trainers and Trainers to review and be familiar with these online training tools in the event that members of the GLOBE community have questions about these training options.

One part of the education working group role is to provide assistance to country coordinators. This assistance may be in the form of, but not limited to:   

  • Ensure the GIO and website database accurately detail current status of Trainers and Mentor Trainers

  • Access and update educator resources

  • Maintain Trainer and Mentor Trainer guidelines

  • Coordinating candidate Trainers with Mentor Trainers, as needed

No, new GLOBE organization registration is the responsibility of the GIO, Regional Offices,  and/or Country Coordinators. Trainers may suggest new organizations to these entities.
Of course. Any Country Coordinator may be certified as a Trainer or Master Trainer following the same processes outlined link. In such case, his/her application will be reviewed by the Regional Coordinating Office, assisted by the Education Working Group.
Yes, while not required, the candidate Trainer may nominate his/her preferred Mentor Trainer, subject to the approval of the Education Working Group.
With assistance from Country Coordinators and the Education Working Group, GLOBE technologists will update the Trainer and Mentor Trainer list annually.-