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Capturing Plant Green-Up Through Your Lens

This week we have a guest blogger, Jessica Taylor. Jessica has been active as a GLOBE observer and trainer since 2001 and is a Master Trainer at NASA Langley Research Center. She conducts regular GLOBE Teacher Workshops in the areas … Continue reading

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GLOBE and the Landsat launch

This week we have a guest blogger, Jennifer Bourgeault.  Jennifer, a member of the GLOBE Land Cover/Biology Team for 10 years, is the North Country Education Services (NCES) New Hampshire GLOBE Partnership coordinator and Master Trainer in the Land Cover/Biology … Continue reading

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How does GLOBE improve your community? Show us! 2013 Earth Day Video Competition

Earth Day has been inspiring demonstrations and projects for a healthier, more sustainable environment for more than 40 years.  The first Earth Day, celebrated on 22 April 1970, featured over 20 million Americans joining together in auditoriums, parks and streets … Continue reading

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An interesting relationship: soil temperature and climate change

It seems common place that warmer air temperature leads to warmer soil temperature. And while this relationship seems intuitive, the effect isn’t always studied, especially with respect to the response from microorganisms. That is why researchers are investigating what happens … Continue reading

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Trees in trouble: what affect does tree mortality have on climate change

Through our trees in trouble series, we’ve examined trees in the Sahel zone in Africa and the United States.  This problem, climate change and dying trees, has been seen on every continent, the only exception being Antarctica, due to the … Continue reading

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