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This is my last blog as GLOBE Chief Scientist. I have greatly enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you. I have enjoyed hearing from many of you, not only through comments on the blog, but through emails, phone calls, and encounters … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Scientist

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a scientist? Or the GLOBE Chief Scientist? I do both. My days are sometimes a challenge, since the two jobs are very different. What are these jobs like? Below is … Continue reading

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More about the “Scientific Method”

I have written before on the so-called “scientific method” (or rather “methods“). So have so many others. So I was kind of surprised when I heard someone who should have known better to define science simply as “inference based on … Continue reading

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Summary of the Surface Temperature Field Campaign

Below is a summary of the results of Dr. Kevin Czajkowski’s surface-temperature field campaign conducted during December, 2008. The recently-posted blog “More Misconceptions about Climate Change, Part 2,” is just below this one. — PL I wanted to write a … Continue reading

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More Misconceptions about Climate Change, Part 2

Misconception: The carbon dioxide record at Mauna Loa is not reliable because Mauna Loa is a volcano. It is true that volcanoes give off carbon dioxide. In fact, paleoclimatologists talk about “greenhouse worlds” with more carbon dioxide, much of which … Continue reading

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