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The GLOBE Student Climate Research Campaign aims to engage students around the world in measuring, investigating and understanding the climate system in their local communities and the world. Drawing on GLOBE protocols and data — and other important data sets — students take climate-related measurements and investigate research questions about climate during the two-year campaign.

The 2013 GLOBE Virtual Student Conference has begun! See what students have been learning about during Phase Two of the Student Climate Research Campaign.

See the top participants and the rankings of all the participants in Phase One. Also, claim an e-gift here (note users must be a member of the Student Climate Research Campaign Community to view this page).

How to Get Involved: Goals of the SCRC:
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  2. Participate in the campaign's Discussion forums
  3. Complete any of the learning activities
  4. Participate in a campaign webinar
  1. Increase student understanding and awareness of climate, including the  broad and integrative nature of climate, the role of climate in shaping community and the difference between climate and weather
  2. Increase student understanding of and ability to conduct science research focused on climate
  3. Improve student global awareness through collaborations among students, teachers and scientists who are focused on understanding the Earth as a system


See what Dr. Waleed Abdalati, NASA's Chief Scientist, has to say about the campaign:

By participating in this campaign, students will contribute to climate science studies, connect with other schools and classrooms around the globe and be inspired to explore and conduct science investigations of their own as part of their increased awareness of climate-related environmental issues and Earth as a system.

In order to participate in the SCRC, do either or both of these linked components to enhance teaching and understanding of climate issues:

Climate Foundations thumbnail

1. Climate Foundations

These introductory activities allow students to study real data and understand key concepts of weather and climate.

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2. Intensive Observation Periods

Students from around the world are encouraged to take themed measurements over a short period of time and analyze their data.

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