Climate Foundations

The Student Climate Research Campaign (SCRC Climate Foundations introduce students to basic climate science and identifies opportunities for teachers to participate in professional development focused on climate science. Two new SCRC Learning Activities have been developed to ensure students understand the fundamentals of weather and climate.

Thumbnail for the From Weather to Climate learning activity.

From Weather to Climate – Air Temperature Data
Students look at air temperature data starting from the individual measurements (taken during the course of one day) and compare them to averages of many measurements over a daily, monthly, or annual time period. Students will also make observations about variations and trends in the data on those daily, monthly, or annual scales. Extensions provide the foundations to explore additional statistical analysis techniques and spatial averaging.
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Thumbnail for the What is your Climate Classification? learning activity.

What is your Climate Classification
Students are introduced to the idea that climates can be broadly classified using a system that is based upon long-term averages of specific variables (air temperature and precipitation) by examining the relationship between temperature and precipitation data to determine the Köppen-Geiger climate classification for a specific location.
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