What is your Climate Classification

What is your Climate Classification?


What To Do and How To Do It:

1. Download a PDF copy of the What is Your Climate Classification? Learning Activity.

This PDF contains full instructions and paper-based copies of all the data and graphs needed for the learning activity.

2. View the data in Google Earth.

The Google Earth viewer* below displays 30-year climate data summaries for about 70 cities around the world. Zoom in and navigate around Google Earth to select your target area.

  1. Zoom in to your location of interest by double-clicking on the map.
  2. Click on a green location pin.
  3. The pop-up box will show details of the location and allow you to download 30 year data as a csv (comma separated values) file; this will open in a spreadsheet program.
  4. Close the pop-up box.
  5. Click the small box below the Google Earth window to show the Köppen-Gieger Classification key.
  6. Compare the color of your chosen location with the color key at the top. Click on the color key to get a description of each climate sub-category. Clicking on the area around the location pin will also give the description of the climate sub-category for the location.
  7. Click the box "Display Climate Classifications of GLOBE Schools" to see if any schools in the area have submitted their climate classification to GLOBE.

3. Post your Climate Classification on Google Earth at the following link - SCRC Climate Classifications