What to Do and How to Do it

1. Download a PDF copy of the From Weather to Climate Learning Activity.

This PDF file contains full instructions and paper-based copies of all the data and graphs needed for the learning activity.

2. Getting long-term data for the From Weather to Climate Learning Activity Extension C

GLOBE provides access to GHCN long-term air temperature and precipitation data via a Google Earth KML file.

This file should download to your computer. When it has downloaded, save it and then click on it to open Google Earth.  

  • Zoom in to a country or region and select a location pin for Temperature (yellow), Precipitation (blue), or Temperature and Precipitation (green).
  • Click on the pin for your chosen location.
  • Download the data as a CSV file.
  • The data can now be read in a spreadsheet program.

Refer to the Google Earth Instruction Guide for more detailed instructions on using Google Earth and the Viewing Long-term Air Temperature and Precipitation Data Guide for more information about the data format.