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Land Use: How Important for Climate?

According to the most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, land use change has a relatively minor impact on the recent rise in global average temperature. Yet, as stressed in an earlier set of blogs on Iowa … Continue reading

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Puddles and Soil Temperature, Part 4: Cool soil in the summertime

During the summer, abundant sunshine during the long days heats up the ground near the surface. I’ve seen surface temperatures on dry ground up to 50°C in the south-central Great Plains of the United States. If you’ve dug a hole … Continue reading

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Watersheds Part 3

On the surface, we have something similar called “watersheds.” If the water isn’t soaking into the ground, hills act like our roofs, and the water flows on the surface until it hits a stream or river. If you look at … Continue reading

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Looking at the fall colors in a different way

[This blog reflects the help of many friends and colleagues. The story of how it developed shows how science research often works. The idea for this blog came from Professor Peter Blanken of the University of Colorado, who took advantage … Continue reading

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Land Use and Carbon Dioxide

Recently, I posted the Hawaii record that showed that carbon dioxide has been increasing for the last several decades. To make the plot consistent with the global temperature plot, I showed only annual averages. Now, I show a copy of … Continue reading

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