2013 Conference Overview

Welcome to the 2013 GLOBE Virtual Student Conference! 

virtual conference banner - girl at computer

The GLOBE Virtual Student Conference is a place for GLOBE students to showcase their research projects for peer and scientific review.  All GLOBE students are encouraged to submit their research.

Student research projects submitted to the 2013 Virtual Conference will be available for comments, questions, and viewing starting on 06 May 2013. 

The student research projects are divided into the following areas:

All entries must be turned in for the 2013 Conference by 22 April 2013. For detailed instructions on how to enter the 2013 Conference, click here: Instructions

For scoring guidelines, click here: Scoring

Student research projects submitted for the 2012 Conference are available here: 2012 Conference.

All GLOBE students are encouraged to participate.  To get started on your own research project, you can learn about the steps in the scientific process and the research report format

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