Connecting to a Lifelong Love of Science

In one week I will be boarding an airplane on my way to Boulder for the ITEST/GLOBE training program. I am so excited! The schedule promises a plethora of experiences designed to increase my knowledge of climatology, project development skills, research methods, technology exposure, and best practices in all of these areas. I'm looking forward to learning so many new things to help my students learn more. I feel very fortunate to be included in this endeavor, and my school and students will reap many rewards from my work at ITEST/GLOBE.


One of the biggest benefits of the experience will be the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers from across the country. My hope is to begin professional relationships that I can then sustain through technology once I return back to my home school. My plan is for our students to connect with each other over the common ground of science. I believe that this will help engage my students more fully in the scientific process.


My most important goal for attending the conference is to increase my own expertise in climatology, project development, research, and technology so that I can better lead my students. By realizing that, and building connections with other educators and GLOBE, I plan to connect my students to a better experience in science class. Ideally, it will ignite a curiosity and passion for science that will serve them their entire lives. That would realize quite a return on the investment that GLOBE is making.