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  Earth centered on the Middle East region
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  Locked inside your home? Continue learning with GLOBE   Dear teachers, students, scientists, coordinators, and GLOBE friends, Near East and North Africa Regional Office created this page to...
Workshop: NENA Capacity Building Workshop 2024, Jordan Event Date: 02/04/2024 - 02/07/2024 NENA Capacity Building Meeting in Amman, Jordan. Workshop for Teachers from the NENA Region.
Capacity Building Including Country Coordinators from the region and Teacher's to improve different skills for sustainable development
Below, you will find all the Country Reports available for the countries of the Near East and North Africa region. To access them, simply click on the country name below the year you are...

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  • 20522 Students
  • 1140 Educators
  • 173 Pre-service Teachers
  • 2684 GLOBE Observers
  • 3054035 Data Entries
  • 1019 Schools / Informal Education Organizations
  • 178 Trainers
  • 16 Mentor Trainers
  • 1263 People Trained
  • 170 Workshops Held

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