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GLOBE Measurement Campaigns


Contribute to worldwide science initiatives, collaborate with a global participant network, and learn more about Earth science systems with our GLOBE Measurement Campaigns. Our campaigns take an inquiry-based, collaborative approach that brings together students, teachers, and scientists from around the world to investigate Earth science's biggest mysteries. Available at both regional and global scales, there's many ways to get involved with GLOBE campaigns.


Learn more about our different measurement campaigns below: 

Teachers Guide

Current Global Field Measurement Campaigns

Discover our active field measurement campaigns and start collaborating with students, teachers, and scientists around the world.

Important: The ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has presented challenges for various GLOBE field campaigns. However, the initial suspension of all data collection has changed so that data collection and participation is still possible. Please visit each campaign web page to learn how you can continue to contribute to each initiative.

Learn more about how to contribute to our field campaigns below:

Collaborating Satellite Missions

NASA needs your help verifying ground-truth measurements for their various satellite missions. 

Learn more about how to contribute to our satellite missions below:

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NASA Education Earth Science Projects

Through the help of NASA funding, four GLOBE U.S. Partners are leading NASA Education Earth Science Projects focused on bringing authentic STEM experiences to local communities.

Learn more about our projects below:

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Regional Community Collaboration Initiatives

Outside of our worldwide campaigns, you can find a host of regional initiatives organized by the GLOBE community. Gather measurements with GLOBE protocols, upload your results, and learn more about your local environment when you participate in a regional initiative. 

Tip: Some regional campaigns are limited to specific countries.

Learn more about how to participate in our regional campaigns below:

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Past Projects

Discover our previous campaigns and past projects. In our archives, you can browse projects dating back to 1997 and the contributions our campaigns have made to the scientific community.



For more information on GLOBE Measurement Campaigns, contact our campaigns team