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Benefits of Joining GLOBE

GLOBE is a community of people passionate about learning and teaching Earth System Science. Members across the world collaborate and use an extensive collection of resources to do science. They collect and share data with NASA and the world, encouraging more research and a better understanding of the environment. 

The GLOBE community celebrates its wide range of people from different educational backgrounds, including scientific professionals, teachers, students, citizen scientists and others who have dedicated their lives to learning. The vision shared by this community creates a remarkable international network devoted to exchanging ideas and advancing science.

It is the primary goal of GLOBE to foster this community and provide the tools and resources to help its members thrive.

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Explore Earth System Science
The Earth is a complex and ever-changing system with many elements that depend on and react to each other. The environment’s complicated structure makes it difficult to figure out how all these pieces fit together. By participating in The GLOBE Program’s activities, community members learn how to identify these various components and discover how the world is connected. 

GLOBE achieves this by providing a framework for studying the effects of global weather patterns and other large-scale phenomena on local environments. By exploring these relationships, GLOBE members’ research helps draw a direct connection with these intricate Earth systems and their own communities. In forming these connections, The GLOBE Program instills in students a sense of appreciation for the environment and a deeper desire to become an environmental steward. 

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Promote Science Education
Many students do not have easy access to high-quality science education materials. GLOBE aims to help these students by making worldwide scientific literacy a fundamental part of the program.                     

GLOBE offers a wide range of educational materials, including learning activities, lesson plans, science protocols, global and regional measurement campaigns and other materials to help teachers advance Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in their classrooms.  

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Join an International Community
The GLOBE Program brings together people from over 125 countries, serving as a platform for worldwide STEM cooperation and collaboration. Members of the GLOBE community share their scientific discoveries, establish transnational connections and advance a common mission, developing their understanding of the natural world and how they fit in it.