Meetings & Symposia


The GLOBE Program provides many in-person and virtual opportunities to meet with others in the GLOBE community to present research, network with peers, and learn more about various topics from STEM professionals. Participants invariably express dismay and delight to find so many like-minded colleagues in one place, all speaking one language: science!


Annual Meetings

The GLOBE Annual Meeting attracts teachers, students, scientists and partners from dozens of countries. Through Report Outs, Workshops, Protocol Trainings, Lightning Talks, passionate Keynote Speakers, and the Student Experience, everyone in the GLOBE community has a place at the GLOBE Annual Meeting.



International Virtual Science Symposia (IVSS)

The International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) provides students with the chance to share their research, discuss that research with their peers, earn virtual badges, and receive feedback from a team of STEM professionals.


GLOBE Learning Expeditions (GLE)

GLOBE Learning Experiences (GLEs)  are organized every few years and take place at various locations around the world. They are GLOBE’s largest and most exciting student-focused events. For an entire week, participants from all over the world converge for an unforgettable educational and cultural experience that affords both professional development and networking opportunities, not to mention the chance to form friendships that can last a lifetime.

U.S. Student Research Symposia

GLOBE students in the United States have an opportunity to participate in a Regional Science Symposia (SRS), held annually in each of the six U.S. regions. The SRS is a great opportunity for students to present their research projects, receive reviews by scientists and peers, and network for potential future research collaborations.