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Discover student projects from around the world with our easy-to-use database. From studies on bacteria in the Mississippi River to vegetation flux in Saudi Arabia, you can browse a wealth of student-conducted research to spark your next scientific inquiry. You can also filter the reports through various search parameters to find exactly what you're looking for.

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Want to share your results with the world? To upload your project to our databases, select the button on the right and make sure the "Standard Research Report" box is filled in. You can also add other project descriptors like Grade Level, Contributors, Protocol, and more.

Tip: Student Research Reports can be uploaded in any language.

Broaden Your Horizons 

Our symposia are great ways to showcase your research and hard work. Throughout the year, GLOBE organizes six Student Research Symposia (SRS) across the regional U.S. where students can share their research and meet with their peers.

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We also host the annual GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS), a global science fair that engages students with learning science skills and the scientific process in their own communities. Listen to students present their projects in creative ways, attend live webinars from professional scientists, and more at this annual event.

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